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vendredi 26 août 2016

Soon... CTD009 !

VOLKOLAK - Ice Hike & Tales of the Old Wolf

European version of the 2016 (a.y.p.s) album : Ледяной поход и Сказки старого волка

This version'll coming in a digipack with a different artwork and all the songs on one CD.

Limited to 500 copies.

Tracklist :

: Ice Hike :

I - Alone Against the Tumen (Один против Тумена)
II - Borned by Volkolak (Рождённый волколаком)
III - My Far East (Мой Дальний Восток)
IV - Varangian Marching Song (Варяжская походная)
V - I Remember (Я помню)
VI - Under the Age-Old Pine (У вековой сосны)
VII - The Witch. Ice Hike (Ведьма. Ледяной поход)

: Tales of the Old Wolf :

VIII - White Swans, Black Ravens (Лебеди белые, вороны чёрные)
IX - Ragnarok (Рагнарок)
X - Winter's Time (Зимней порою)
XI - Fierce Rapids (Лютые пороги)
XII - Wolves, Wolves (Волки, волки)
XIII - Winter, Dawn (Зима, заря)
XVI - From Brother to Enemy (От брата до ворога)

Available in few weeks !

Listen / buy (digital) the entire album on our Bandcamp

vendredi 19 août 2016

Nouvel arrivage / New stuff (MOLAT / AQUILA / ASMUND / STWORZ...)

19/08/2016 (a.y.p.s) : Dernier arrivage / New stuff :

CDs :

AEDH – Au-Delà des Cendres (BM. Canada)
ALLOBROGIA – Sonnocingos (BM. France)
AQUILA - L'Aurore (BM. France)
ARYMAN – Czarne Rytualy Otchlani (Excellent BM. Pologne)
ASMUND - К чертогам славы (Radikal BM. Russie)
ASMUND - Песнь крови (Radikal BM. Russie. Ep. 6 euros)
AURA SHINING GREEN - The Green Man and the White Witch (Ambient)
CONCUBIA NOCTE /AEON WINDS – Posledni Vlci (Split CD. Slovaquie)
DREADMOON – Dreadmoon (Radikal BM. Finland. Vanguard Prods)
DRUZHINA – Third Henosis (Pagan BM)
DUX – Carnations (BM. France)
ENDLESS BATTLE – Shlyakhamy Bezodni (BM. Ukraine)
FAUSTRECHT – Vendanges Tardives (BM. France. Ep. 6 euros)
FIMBULVET - Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht (Thuringian Pagan Metal. A5 digipack)
FJORD / DRUNEMETON - split CD. (Epic Heathen Doom Metal / Symphonic Pagan BM)
FORNACE - Pregnant is the Night (BM. Italie. Digipack)
FROST –Woodspirit (BM. Canada)
GALDUR – Age of Legends (Ambient / Dungeon. Ukraine. Digipack)
GNIEU / LASCOWIEC - Marching with the Blizzard's Rage (Split CD. Belarus / USA)
HATEFUL – Descendants of the World (BM. Pologne)
HATEFUL – Hatred Heritage (BM. Pologne)
HYPNOS - Heretic Commando (Blackened Death Metal. République Tchèque)
IDIS ORLOG - Froya og Svipdag & Songs from Njartharlag (Heathen Folk. Norvège. Digipack)
JAR - Jatvieź   (Pagan Metal. Biélorussie. 2016 a.y.p.s)
LASCOWIEC – Unbroken Spirit (BM. USA)
MolAt (МОЛАТ )– Molatakryzh (Pagan Metal. Biélorussie)
MolAt (МОЛАТ) - Biely Rock (Pagan Metal. Biélorussie)
MYRKVID – Pleasures Of Hell (BM. France)
NIVLHEL - S/T (Scandinavian Black Metal)
PALE MIST – Spreading my Wings Into the Abyss that Calls (BM. UK)
PIAREVARACIEN – Spadcyna / Heritage (Pagan Folk / Ambient. Biélorussie. Digipack DVD format)
PIAREVARACIEN - U Pošukach Pačatku Tych Šlachoŭ (Pagan Metal. Belarus. Digipack)
PRĘGIERZ – Blood Sanctions (Black / Death. Pologne)
PURE – And The Waters Turned To Blood (BM. Suisse)
SALTUS – Slavic Battle Swords (Live in Wroclaw)
SEVEROTH – Solitude (Ambient BM. Ukraine)
STWORZ – Na Trzy Strony Slonca (Heathen Metal. Pologne)
STWORZ – Zagony Bogow (Heathen Metal. Pologne)
THUNDRA - Angstens Salt (Nordic Metal)
TODESTRIBE - Vicarius Filii Dei
ULUUN – Danke Dreiser (BM. France)
VIA DOLOROSA – Immortal Ad Vitam
VINTERGEIST – Nemossos (BM. France Album 2015 a.y.p.s. Asgard Hass Records)
VINTERTHRON - Eternal Grief (Black / Thrash. Brésil)
Vspolokh / Vikhr (ВСПОЛОХ/ВИХРЬ) У камней замшелых... (BM. Split)
WĘDRUJĄCY WIATR – Tam Gdzie Miesiac Oplakuje (Atmo BM. Pologne)
WITCHBLOOD - Sorceress of the Black Sun (BM. Norvège)
WOLFKRIEG – Blood and Honour (Heathen BM. New album + Dungeon Tribute to Burzum as bonus)


A.Z.A.B.- Intrinsic Deathmass of Zionicidal Ruination (Electro / Noise)
Alocer 88 - For Our Blood (Radikal BM. Pro-tape)
ANTHEMS OF ANCIENTS - Anthems of Ancients (Ambient)
BRUNNDL – Brunndl (Pagan BM. Italie)
Grimnir – Starhemberg (BM. Autriche. Pro-tape)
HATE SPEECH - Take Back your Country (Electro / Noise)
HWITAGUÞAN - Undergångens år (BM. Suède)
Impery - Ars Goetia (Brutal BM. Pro-tape)
Impery – I - Eternal Abyss of the Soul (Brutal BM. Pro-tape)
LONE WOLF INSURGENT - Defeat Never, Victory Forever (Electro / Noise)
SECESSIONIST - Antebellum Black Metal (BM)

 LP :

Moontower ‎– Darkness... Glory To Hatred (BM. Pologne. LP)


lundi 18 juillet 2016

Nouvel arrivage / New stuff (PIAREVARACIEN / BIFROST / SALE FREUX / GNIEU / LASCOWIEC / ...)

18/07/2016 (a.y.p.s) : Dernier arrivage / New stuff :

CDs :

BIFRÖST - Tor in eine neue Welt (Epic Viking Metal. Autriche)
BLIZZARD - Tormenting the South (CD EP. 6 euros)
FIMBULVET - Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht (Thuringian Pagan Metal. A5 digipack)
FJORD / DRUNEMETON - split CD. (Epic Heathen Doom Metal / Symphonic Pagan BM)
FORNACE - Pregnant is the Night (BM. Italie. Digipack)
GNIEU / LASCOWIEC - Marching with the Blizzard's Rage (Split CD. Belarus / USA)
HYPNOS - Heretic Commando (Blackened Death Metal. République Tchèque)
IDIS ORLOG - Froya og Svipdag & Songs from Njartharlag (Heathen Folk. Norvège. Digipack)
KENAZ - Volonté de fer ancestrale (Pagan BM. Québec)
KRYNITZA - Angel (Russian Pagan Folk. Digipack)
KRYNITZA - Hail to the Sun (Russian Pagan Folk. Digipack)
KRYNITZA - The Song of the Sepulchral Grass  (Russian Pagan Folk. Digipack)
NIVLHEL - S/T (Scandinavian Black Metal)
PIAREVARACIEN – Spadcyna / Heritage (Pagan Folk / Ambient. Biélorussie. Digipack DVD format)
PIAREVARACIEN - U Pošukach Pačatku Tych Šlachoŭ (Pagan Metal. Belarus. Digipack)
SALE FREUX - L'Exil (BM. France. Schwarze Tod edition 2016 a.y.p.s !)
SALE FREUX - Subterraneus (BM. France. Schwarze Tod edition 2015 a.y.p.s !)
STOLZKRIEG - NS Battlemarch (Radikal BM. Argentine)
THORNE - Ekpyrosis & Restitutio in Pristinum Status (Digi. PRO CD-R. 6 euros)
THUNDRA - Angstens Salt (Nordic Metal)
TODESTRIBE - Vicarius Filii Dei
VINTERTHRON - Eternal Grief (Black / Thrash. Brésil)
WITCHBLOOD - Sorceress of the Black Sun (BM. Norvège)
WOLFKRIEG – Blood and Honour (Heathen BM. New album + Dungeon Tribute to Burzum as bonus)


Alocer 88 - For Our Blood (Pro-tape)
Grimnir – Starhemberg (Pro-tape)
Impery - Ars Goetia (Pro-tape)
Impery – I - Eternal Abyss of the Soul (Pro-tape)

EP :


Liste complète pour juillet / Complete list for July  : HERE

dimanche 10 juillet 2016

PIAREVARACIEN's album reviewed by

Piarevaracien – ‘U Pošukach Pačatku Tych Šlachoŭ’ (2016)

By: Michel
Rating: 8,5/10
Release: 8/6/2016
Label: CTD Records.

Piarevaracien, Pagan/Black-metal band from Belarus, revealed themselves to us with their participation in the Triunity project, together with Oprich and Chur, back in 2012. And this wasn’t an unpleasant surprises at all. Now, a few years later, they are back with an full length, although this album is only 36 minutes long.

So, now we can listen to them playing free, not longer bounded to the limitations of the Triunity project. 

And that sounds different from the start, we don’t get to hear that laid back Indian summer feeling of their part of the project. But in stead of this we get a massive sound with clean vocals on top. And they manage to sustain this massive wall of sound which isn’t plastered with lots of distortian and other technical add-ons. No, you can still see the structure of this wall, carefully build up by guitars, drums and bass.

The concept of this album is a war-story, that’s why the band has chosen to divide it in sections in stead of giving each track a title of it’s own. A nice choice, the downside of this approach is, it’s not obvious to listen to single tracks of this album, but you can listen to them separately, surely if you don’t understand the language. Maybe if you do, it’s better to listen to the whole story, but I can’t judge that aspect.

Piarevaracien has done a nice job with this new album. I really like their style with their heavy sound but clean vocals.

Tracklist :

1. Razdziel I 05:01
2. Razdziel II 06:14
3. Razdziel III 04:11
4. Razdziel IIII 05:00
5. Razdziel V 05:41
6. Razdziel VI 06:32
7. Razdziel VII 03:54

mercredi 29 juin 2016

HEATHEN HARVEST : Piarevaracien's Spadcyna review

Piarevaracien’s “Spadčyna” Invokes the Belarusian Volksgeist for a Traditional Folk Epic

That there is a hefty amount of cross-pollination between the respective audiences of folk and (black) metal is no coincidence. Nor is the fact that black metal artists have always had a tendency to make forays into folk music. There is, of course, the populist folk/extreme metal fusion of bands such as Arkona and Skyforger, but we should not forget about black metal artists who have, throughout the decades, crafted entire folk albums without feeling the need to put out these records under the guise of side-project experimentation. Ulver‘s Kveldssangeris a classic example, but recent releases such as Lönndom‘s Viddernas tolv kapitel and Kamaedzitca‘s xQzTN 3087 show the continuity of this trend.
Different though traditional folk and raw black metal may sound, they represent two sides of the same coin; both reject modernity in their own idiosyncratic ways. As I wrote in an article on a folk/metal split:
‘Though commonly seen as a force of desecration, the black metal genre is ugly only in form, as its hideousness merely serves to hold up a mirror to the nauseating excesses of the era against which it revolts. Folk music, too, spearheads its own insurrection by attempting to purify itself of the grotesque musical mutations that together constitute the soundtrack of the 21st century. […] Impossible though it may be to deny the heritage of the past few centuries, which has lamentably engraved itself into our very being, one can resist its values by using its ugliness to create something beautiful once again. Albeit in different respective manners, this is what both black metal and folk set out to do.’
With the profound bond between metal and folk music taken into consideration,Piarevaracien‘s folk album Spadčyna (English title: Heritage) is less of an anomaly than it would seem at first. While the Minsk natives made a name for themselves with black/folk metal, their momentary switch to a blend of traditional folk music and elements of electronic and rock music offers a fresh take on the band’s aesthetic without abandoning its spirit.
Said spirit is derived directly from the Belarusian Volksgeist; a landlocked country that EU plutocrats have dubbed—without a grain of irony—‘the last dictatorship of Europe’ has a correspondingly hermetic disposition towards the outside world, focusing mostly on its political and cultural kinship with Russia. As a result of its seclusion, both governmental institutions and counter-culture artists take great interest in the country’s cultural roots. These roots, due to the vast forests, swamps, and plains that make up most of the Belarusian geography, consist for a considerable part of rural customs and folklore. Taking its historical bond with nature into account, it only seems appropriate that Belarus was one of the last countries to convert to Christianity, with old faith sects surviving well into the nineteenth century. After all, one of the original meanings of ‘pagan’ is ‘country dweller’, which is exactly what all Belarusians were, until very recently.

The pastoral charm of the tiny Belarusian nation is reflected in the melancholic, all-female choral singing on Spadčyna. This album’s unmistakable Belarusian folk sound closely resembles traditional projects such as Goryń or the Students’ Ethnographic Association, the latter of which was sampled generously on Kamaedzitca’s aforementioned xQzTN 3087 record. On most tracks, keyboards, electronic beats, and electric guitars make their appearance, but their presence is subtle enough to awaken the impression that the songs on this album are simply reworked versions of field recordings of Belarusian peasant songs.
Their traditional façade notwithstanding, the compositions on Spadčyna are all original. This was confirmed to Heathen Harvest by the band’s label, Crush the Desert. That we even had to verify this testifies to the band’s frighteningly accurate representation of Belarusian folk music (and possibly the ignorance of yours truly).
The meaning behind the songs corresponds to broader Slavic tradition: The four main tracks—’Kalada’, ‘Dunaju’, ‘Oj, kupała’, and ‘Za tumanam’—narrate the change of seasons whilst not omitting such typical folkloric themes as war, feminine innocence, and, well… Cossacks.Piarevaracien’s three session singers—AthameDarja Zujeva, and Nasta Špileuskaya—channel perfectly the sorrowful yet persistent spirit that so often emanates from the old songs of the Eastern-European countryside. Meanwhile, the keyboards, drums, and acoustic guitars provide these laments with a more immediate, almost pop-like appeal.
These main tracks are interspersed with five untitled tracks, which make up the rest of the album. However, their namelessness does not mean that these remaining tracks are mere interludes. Rather, they rely less on vocals, with the singing being reduced to non-linguistic chanting. Electronic beats and synthesizers offer extra melodic seasoning, resulting in a more abstract narrative when juxtaposed against the straightforward storytelling of the named compositions.
Spadčyna brings together diverse, seemingly contradictory musical traditions in the most harmonious manner. It sees the voice of tradition break through the murmur of modernity without losing its innate eloquence. While countless metal bands have, over the years, experimented with folk music to varying degrees of success, Piarevaracien’s work is a particularly memorable one as it effortlessly captures the spirit of its homeland and pours it into a mould enriched with its own mannerisms. On Spadčyna, the old meets the new, standing united in their rejection of modern meaninglessness. Clearly, the spirit of the country dwellers of old has still not abandoned the nation of Belarus.
Written by: Degtyarov
Source : Heathen Harvest

mardi 28 juin 2016

HEATHEN HARVEST : Piarevaracien's review

Piarevaracien already delivered one of the musical highlights of 2016 with their albumSpadčyna, which brought together traditional and modern interpretations of folk. Scarcely three months later, the Belarusians are already back, this time with a metal full-length titled U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ.[1] This new release is, above all, a testament to the band’s versatility. With Spadčyna already standing as one of the year’s finest folk albums thus far, U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ succeeds on its own terms, with its thirty-six-minute metal offering containing few, if any, boring or otherwise lackluster riffs. As a result, Piarevaracien’s new album is their second career highlight within a three-month period.
Piarevaracien’s two 2016 records are vastly different on the surface, with the respective timbre, instrumentation, and style of each album impossible to recognise as originating from the same collective. On a deeper level, however, there is continuity between the two releases. One shared trait is the consistent quality of both albums, which is remarkable in itself given how radically different they are musically. Yet, even more importantly, both Spadčyna and U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ coil their respective themes into a cohesive narrative, which in turn helps each work shine as an artistic whole that rises far above the sum of its parts.
Where Spadčyna dealt primarily with the change of seasons narrated against a backdrop of more universal motifs, U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ‘s thematic canvas is decorated only with war. The album’s central theme is ‘the eternal soldier’, who has risen up throughout history, destined to sacrifice his own life for his people and soil. The album’s seven tracks—titled simply ‘Razdziel’ I through VII—cover different periods of Belarus’s blood-soaked past.
‘Razdziel II’ reminisces about the Battle of Grunwald, which took place in 1410 and saw Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (which included the territory of present-day Belarus) decisively defeat the Knights of the Teutonic Order, halting their expansion Eastwards. This confrontation between East and West, which has been labelled a medieval rehearsal of the Battle of Stalingrad, is only one example of Belarus’s long-lasting affair with armed struggle; the album continues to tell of the Belarusian resistance against the Soviet Union, both in the wake of the Russian Revolution and during (and even after) World War II. Threading through these historic accounts is the eternal soldier, whose presence ties said events together.
Metal enthusiasts may be tempted to dismiss warfare as a worn-out lyrical theme, but Piarevaracien justifies its choice by treating the topic with a profound understanding of the concept. Emerging from a country whose borders were carved by centuries of struggle, death, and resurgence, the band recognises the perpetuity of war. Such is confirmed by the following Nietzsche quote, which has been included in the album booklet: “Ye shall love peace as a means to new wars and the short peace more than the long.” This reflects the pre-modern interpretation of peace as an anomalous interruption in between wars.
Piarevaracien brings to the table compositions which perfectly reflect the belligerent topic material of the album. Even though the group made a name for itself in black metal, the genre is only sporadically present in this new album’s sound. While the work defies strict stylistic classification, it is closest to the folk metal label. However, rather than relying on annoyingly exuberant recorders and other fairy instruments, Piarevaracien’s folklore here manifests itself through vibrant riffing that leaps enthusiastically over the drum and bass work—a method that is comparable to Kawir‘s Isotheos album. This approach results in melodies that are as colourful as they are varied, with riffs never outstaying their welcome before the band dives into the next movement.
Piarevaracien’s compositional prowess should not go unmentioned. U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ incorporates a variety of influences ranging from black metal-style tremolo picking to melodeath rhythm patterns, and even vocals that dance on the stylistic border of hardcore. In the hands of less capable musicians, such a list of ingredients could easily have led to an obnoxious concoction, but Piarevaracien takes these divisive elements and weaves them into a well-rounded, tasteful plexus. Each composition offers smooth transitions between melodies and movements. Consequently, the album’s quality shines through both in its individual songs and on the album as a whole. It is largely this combination of individual and collective quality that makes U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ such a joy to listen to. This impression is elevated further by the excellent production, which gives each of the instruments a place to shine. All of this makes the record’s slight blemishes—largely limited to occasionally off-key clean vocals—all the easier to forgive.
Due to the frightening consistency with which Piarevaracien establishes its mastery of tasteful folk metal, U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ is one of 2016’s premier releases in the metal genre as a whole. With songs that are composed as well as they are played, this is an album with many highlights and virtually no moments of true weakness. Thematically, Piarevaracien’s handling of the topic of war goes way beyond the primal ‘blood ‘n’ gore’ fixation of more simple-minded metal formations. Instead of delivering hollow, misanthropic panegyrics to death, U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ highlights the eternal return of a timeless warrior soul. By showing how young men who die in the struggle for a higher goal are forever hailed by their offspring, one can wonder if the looming end of Europe’s longstanding peace is truly something to be feared, or to be welcomed as an overdue liberation from the chains of meaninglessness.
[1] У пошуках пачатку тух шляхоў roughly translates as ‘In Search of the Beginning of Decayed Roads’.
Written by: Degtyarov
Source : Heathen Harvest