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lundi 6 mai 2019

Available ! PIAREVARACIEN - Nad Krajem Brasłaŭskich Azioraŭ

CTD013 / WP-CD112 PIAREVARACIEN - Nad Krajem Braslauskich Aziorau 

Heathen Black Metal from Belarus. 34mns of Melodic Heathen Metal with Folk & Black Metal  parts about about Nature, Patriotism & History. A5 Digipack with 8 pages booklet. Limited to 500.

Co-released with Werewolf Promotion.

dimanche 21 avril 2019

Available from 30 April ! VOLKOLUN - Path Through the Mist

WP-CD117 / CTD014 VOLKOLUN – Path Through the Mist

Heathen Black Metal from Russia/Poland. 22mns of excellent Ambient Black Metal with some Folk parts. Ep. 3 panels digipack.

Limited to 500.

Co-released with Werewolf Promotion

lundi 15 avril 2019



34mns of Nordic Ritual / Ambient from Russia. 

A journey through the Nordic landscapes & traditions. 

Coming in a 2 panels digifile with selective UV varnish print.

Available now in digifile limited to 300 copies.

mercredi 20 mars 2019

lundi 25 février 2019

CTD014 Available soon ! VOLKOLUN - Path Through the Mist

VOLKOLUN - Path Through the Mist

Heathen / Ambient Black Metal from slavonic lands.
This Ep will be available soon in a 3 Panels Digipack.

Co-released in unity by Werewolf Promotion & Crush The Desert Records. (WP-CD117 / CTD014)

Available soon !

mercredi 20 février 2019

mercredi 23 janvier 2019

PIAREVARACIEN's new album, available soon !

From the upcoming album Nad Krajem Brasłaŭskich Azioraŭ (2019 a.y.p.s)

Soon available in A5 digipack.

Co-released in unity by Crush The Desert and Werewolf Promotion !

Lyrics in english :

Over the Braslaw lakes land

I am getting stuck as a grey-colored winter
Under the pressure of dismal skies
And I'm flying upwards
And disappearing with wind in the distance

Over the Braslaw lakes land
I'm gazing down at the blue waters -
Deep ones, silent and dead
Covered with a frozen veil
A knocking crook strewed 
Enchanting dreams above them
They are dreaming calmly
Waiting for freshet in spring

I'm wandering in Palessian wilderness
Snowstorm is droning around and makes me falter
It's enwrapping me and swamping down in snowy abyss
By the spell of a black raven

I'm roaming among forsaken villages
And smell the air full of mild smoke
The crescent is walking and scattering down stars
On the sky field behind the soundless wood

I'll come back here over centuries
And visit again my native places
A child will look into my eyes
And my Land will recognize me as her true son

mardi 11 décembre 2018

FINALY ! CTD011 ELTUN - 1553

ELTUN - 1553

After many problems with pressing,

ELTUN - 1553 is finaly available !

Chilean Black Metal attack !

30mns about War and Ancestral Paganism.

3 panels digipack limited to 200 copies. With logo sticker.

Listen HERE

vendredi 26 octobre 2018

CTD012 VOLKOLUN - Only Tree Remember Centuries is available now !

CTD012 VOLKOLUN - Only Tree Remember Centuries is available now !

Originally released by Werewolf Promotion in 2013 (a.y.p.s) on tape & by Steel Blazes Records on CD-r, this excellent Ambient Black Metal opus from Russia is re-released by Crush The Desert Records in an A5 Digipack limited to 100 copies. Pro CD..

Order your copy HERE

Tracklist :

I - Spirits of the Old Forest 
II - Path of Wisdom 
III - Only Trees Remember Centuries 
IV - Falcon 
V - Oblivion's Roar

Total running time : 33:52mns

PS : About CTD011 ELTUN - 1553, we have a problem with the pressing plan. So we have to wait few weeks again to distribute this release.

mercredi 1 novembre 2017

Heathen slipmats.

Paganize your turntable !

 Irminsul slipmat

IRMINSUL [Feutrine / Slipmat]. Limitée à 50 exemplaires / Limited to 50 copies.

 Viking slipmat

VIKING [Feutrine / Slipmat]. Limitée à 25 exemplaires / Limited to 25 copies.